Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Storm Safety: Before the Storm

Severe weather continues to be in the news it is important for homeowners to consider how a sudden storm will affect your property. In this post we will discuss some things to do to prepare before the storm hits. In coming posts we will discuss storm cleanup and repair, and the tools you’re going to need for the job.

Before the storm:

Hollow, aged and decayed trees
can be a hazard.
Here are some useful tips to potentially reduce risk and prevent damage before the storm hits. It’s important to identify potential hazards now, before they become a problem. Look for the following in the trees around your property:
  • Cracks in the trunks of major limbs
  • Hollow, aged and decayed trees
  • One-sided or significantly leaning trees
  • Branches leaning more than 45 degress over the roof or in close proximity to utility lines

Prune branches too close to your
house and over the street.

 After you’ve identified potential hazards:
  • Remove dead, diseased or damaged limbs
  • Have leaning trees inspected
  • Prune branches too close to your house and over the street
  • Call a professional when dealing with limbs in close proximity to utility lines, DO NOT attempt to do this yourself
  • Check your gutters, and remove debris to prevent water damage. Many STIHL blowers come with optional gutter attachments.
  • Know your capabilities and limitations. When in doubt, hire a professional.
Clean gutters to
prevent water damage.
It’s also important to protect yourself as well as your property. Always remember to wear the proper protective apparel and follow the directions in your manufacturer’s instruction manual when operating any outdoor power equipment. 

Here are some helpful links to help you stay informed and prepare for severe weather.

NOAA Watch  Storm tracking, reporting and prediction

Official FEMA site

STIHL Chainsaw Safety Video


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