Monday, April 20, 2015

10 Reasons Why You Only Get STIHL at a STIHL Dealer

You can get outdoor power equipment at just about any big box retailer – but you can’t get a STIHL. Why? Because STIHL is only sold through independent dealers. We believe in supporting local economies. It is one of the reasons we are sponsors of  Independent We Stand, the national movement to support local business. And more importantly, we believe in supporting you.  Independent servicing dealers provide a level of knowledge and service and community support those other stores just can’t match.

Here are 10 reasons why we only sell through our servicing dealer.

#1: STIHL Dealers are outdoor equipment specialists

STIHL Dealers are dedicated to knowing your equipment and certified in that knowledge. You won’t find that at big-box stores, where the person selling you power tools may have little to no knowledge about your equipment.  And because they’re specialists…

 #2: STIHL Dealers can offer advice in choosing the right products for your needs

STIHL Dealers have a great selection of tools for light, occaisional or professional users, including chain saws, blowers, trimmers and more. STIHL Dealers know exactly what applications each product is suited for and can help you choose the right STIHL equipment for your needs. But excellent STIHL service doesn’t stop at the purchase…

 #3: STIHL Dealers service what they sell.

Big box stores want to sell you their tools, but don't have staff to maintain or repair them. When their tools break, you are often left with the choice of buying a new one or the hassle of returning it to the manufacturer directly—and pay for shipping. And that’s only if it’s under warranty. Buying a STIHL from a STIHL dealer means that if it needs repair, you just bring it to your STIHL Dealer. No jumping through hoops. And you know your equipment is always in the right hands since…

#4: A STIHL Dealer's service department is staffed with Trained Technicians.

 STIHL Dealers must complete a multi-phase training program before being certified to work on STIHL tools. They’re trained to diagnose, repair, assemble and inspect every STIHL tool we sell. No one knows your STIHL tools better than a certified STIHL Dealer. There’s even more a certified STIHL Dealer can do for you…

#5: STIHL Dealers can provide operating and safety demonstrations

STIHL Dealers can do more than talk the talk—they’ll start up any STIHL tool in the store and walk you through its operation. They’ll also demonstrate proper usage technique and point out important safety information. And you won’t have to worry about product assembly…

#6: At a STIHL Dealership, products are assembled and serviced - not sold "in a box."

When you buy a STIHL power tool, you can expect it to be fully assembled, fueled, started, and ready to run before you walk out the door. We don't believe that you should pay for your equipment and then do the work of assembling and hoping it will operate correctly.  STIHL Dealers do the work for you so you know your STIHL power tool will run when you get home.  And…

#7: STIHL Dealers complete your product registration for you.

Registration is a key part of activating a product’s warranty period. When you buy from a big box store, those warranty cards can be buried in the packaging, or worse, not exist at all. STIHL Dealers automatically register your product for you at checkout, so you’re covered from the moment you purchase it. And should your STIHL ever need servicing you can feel confident that it will be done right because…

 #8: You are guaranteed genuine STIHL products and parts - not cheap imitations

Often imitated but never duplicated, STIHL quality products and parts are ONLY found at your local STIHL Dealer. Don’t be fooled by counterfeit STIHL products available online, or from retailers claiming to carry aftermarket parts the "fit" your STIHL. Your local STIHL Dealer is the only place you’re guaranteed genuine STIHL quality. A guarantee of authenticity isn’t the only way a STIHL Dealer makes sure you’re covered for the task at hand…

#9: STIHL Dealers offer a full line of protective apparel.

STIHL Dealers have what you need to stay protected while using your power tools. We care about our customers so STIHL dealers stock a full line of portective apparel including chain saw protective pants, eye protection, helmet systems, hearing protection, high-visibility vests and more. It’s just another way STIHL Dealers value you, your safety and your business, as part of a lasting partnership. After all your STIHL dealer is a member of your community and…

 #10: At a STIHL Dealership, customer service is personal.

STIHL Dealers are independent businesses that do more than sell products – they build relationships.

They are members of your community, local businesses that return more financially and in community service.  They consult, answer questions and work hard to ensure your needs are met. Their goal is to have you as a customer for life.

Now that you’ve read the reasons, experience the STIHL Dealer experience for yourself.
Find your local Dealer!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Meet the New Bosses

There’s a new boss in town make that two. And they are ready to get to work.

For years, the legendary Boss name has been synonymous with premium quality at an affordable price with the power to get the job done. The STIHL MS 251 WOOD BOSS® and
MS 271 FARM BOSS®, two of the most popular STIHL chain saws, are ready to step up and bear the Boss title.

Packed with innovative features, these two hardworking saws have the power and performance features that our customers want, at a price point that fits their budget. Both provide high performance and are built in America*.

Packed with 45.6 cc of legendary STIHL quality and dependability, the MS 251 WOOD BOSS® makes work go faster so homeowners can move on to the next project on their list.

  • Ideal for applications like felling small trees, pruning, thinning and cutting firewood
  • Boasts up to 20 percent better fuel efficiency** and saves money at the pump
  • The pre-separation air filtration technology boosts the efficiency of the engine’s filter extending filter life up to five times longer

The 50.2 cc MS 271 FARM BOSS® is a true powerhouse, taking charge when it comes time for farmers, rural landowners and tree farmers to get down to business.

  • Ideal for applications felling, cutting firewood and storm cleanup
  • Produces 50 percent lower emissions, reduces fuel consumption and delivers up to 20 percent longer run times on a tank of fuel as compared to similar traditional 2-stroke STIHL chain saws
  • A compact design provides optimum control when working
  • An advanced anti-vibration system provides comfortable operation and reduces fatigue
You can read more about the STIHL MS 251 WOOD BOSS® and MS 271 FARM BOSS® at

If you're considering purchasing a new STIHL chain saw but aren't sure which one best fits your needs, check out our How-To series video on selecting the right chainsaw.  

*A majority of STIHL powerheads are built in the United States from domestic and foreign parts and components.

 **As compared to previous STIHL models in the same range.

Friday, April 3, 2015

STIHL Awarded Processor of the Year Title

By Benjamin Hoffmann, manager polymer technologies at STIHL Inc.

We live in a world where advancements in polymer technologies provide lighter weight, durable products. It’s hard to find an aspect of our lives that is not affected by polymers, especially outdoor power equipment where they are used in things like housings, fuel tanks, and handles to name a few.

This year, forty companies were nominated for the most prestigious award in polymer technologies. We are proud to say that this February STIHL Inc. was named the 2014 Processor of the Year at the Plastics News Executive Forum in Las Vegas, Nev. The award honors companies with superior achievement within their organization, community, and polymer operations. Judges scored the top four finalists in several categories including technological innovation, employee relations, quality, environmental performance, and industry and public service.  You can watch our award submission video here

Technological innovation
One of the award judges, and Plastics News reporter, Bill Bregar, said that our high level of automation impressed them. We are about four times more automated than the typical U.S. manufacturer, according to data from the International Federation of Robotics. Through automation, we make our processes more efficient.  And we are pleased to say that no full time employee has lost a job to automation.  Instead we provide employees the opportunity to move up, often to more highly skilled positions.

Employee relations
Bregar also stated that our apprenticeship program should be a national model, not just for the industry, but the entire U.S. manufacturing base. We teach current employees new skills that broaden their qualifications and prepare them for a variety of new skilled worker positions. Our apprenticeship program is adapted from the German model of vocational training. In this “dual system,” trainees split their time between hands-on training and classroom education.

STIHL Inc. not only assembles final products here in Virginia Beach, but we also manufacture many of our components here as well.  This “vertical integration” provides more internal control over supply, delivery, and most importantly, quality. In our operations, polymers compounds are stretched, shaped, molded and extruded into thousands of individual components found on STIHL products.

Environmental performance
The Processor of the Year judges were especially impressed with our activities in the environmental performance category. Among the initiatives that impressed them was the fact that we recycle 89 percent of our waste, our green roofs, and that some of our electricity is generated by small windmills.

Industry and public service
We believe that being a good corporate citizen is just as important to our brand as the quality of our equipment.  The judges recognized our support of many associations and community events.

We are certainly proud of this award.  Of course the most important accolades we receive are from our customers, and we look forward to earning these each and every day.

*A majority of STIHL powerheads are built in the United States from domestic and foreign parts and components.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Emilie Brzezinski: The Lure of the Forest

Emilie Brzezinski is a world renowned artist, and a chain saw is her tool of choice. During the last two decades, her monumental wood sculptures have been featured in galleries and museums around the globe, and she creates all of them with a STIHL.

“When I’m sculpting I have a sense of freedom with my tools. As an artist, I have to discover how each trunk responds to my tools. It’s a very exciting process, and there’s no way I could do it without my STIHL chain saw.”

Born in 1932 in Geneva, Switzerland, Brzezinski immigrated to the United States and grew up in California where she first started carving by making small animals out of driftwood. 
She began a serious art career in the 1970s working with plastics, latex, and wood fiber. Her expressive themes always related to nature. Eventually, she focused entirely on monumental wood sculpture, using a chain saw and an axe to carve life into found wood.
Brzezinski says without a good chain saw, her work would be impossible. “My STIHL chain saws are very reliable. I know what I’m doing and the machine knows what it’s doing. The way I use the saw has changed over time as I went along. You never know what’s going to happen until it happens.”

We were honored to sponsor Emilie's display of her beautiful sculpture "Lament" at the Kreeger Museum in Washington D.C. 

Learn more about Emilie Brzezinski and her work at .
Read about her work in her book The Lure of the Forest: Sculpture 1979-2013.
Stay current with Emilie’s latest developments in her studio on “The Brzezinski Blog”.
You can also follow Emilie on Twitter @ebbtrees, and like her on Facebook.